Global Deforestation Mapping

An average of 10,595 hectares (26,182 acres) of primary tropical forest is destroyed globally every day. That's 441 hectares (1,090 acres) an hour.

But for most of us this happens on the far side of the world and we have trouble visualizing how much forest that is.

How would it look mapped to my home?

Global hourly and daily tropical deforestation mapped to your location

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Daily and hourly global tropical deforestation, mapped to your location

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Yes, it really is that much.

In fact this data is only for tropical rainforests. Temperate forest is also being destroyed on a daily basis - possibly at an even faster rate than in tropical regions - we just don't have reliable data to prove it.

The Data

My app uses the Three Year Moving Average of primary forest loss (hectares) from the World Resources Institute, as this is thought to represent a more accurate picture of data trends due to uncertainty in year-to-year comparisons. 

The World Resources Institute is "a global research organization that works with governments, businesses, multilateral institutions and civil society groups to develop practical solutions that improve people’s lives and ensure nature can thrive."