Dances With Butterflies

Stand in a clearing in the mountains of Mexico and conduct clouds of monarch butterflies to music. An immersive VR experience published on Steam. Built in Unity 3D.

Weeping Angels Everywhere

Oh no! We left the door open and Weeping Angels got in the house again! Just don't look away and you'll be fine.
An AR project built with Unity3D with ARKit.

Inside Shakespeare's Brain

You find yourself inside Shakespeare's mind, with text in his handwriting floating around you. Using a quill, and with aimbic pentameter in mind, select words in the correct order to build two quotations from The Tempest. On completion you are rewarded with an Elizabethan madrigal. A Cardboard VR submission for Digital Shakespeare, built in Unity 3D.

AR business card

Animated AR business card created using SparkAR

Safari Alert

You're going on safari and you've got Google Translate to help. But how fast can you type in an emergency? Safari Alert shouts or whispers the names of East Africa's most dangerous animals in Swahili to get help.
 Admittedly, this is a silly one, created over a wet weekend in XCode.


Why should Thomas Crown have all the fun? Magritte yourself as Son of Man!
An AR filter for Instagram and Facebook using Blender and SparkAR.



Jam is a music composition tool developed in partnership with Cliff Eastabrook, a musician who came up with the idea of randomising your choice of key, scale and chord sequences to inspire new composition while you jam. Built in XCode.


Virtual Pissarro

Pissarro lived in Crystal Palace during the Napoleonic Wars, painting the local views. Virtual Pissarro was an AR app that hung his paintings in the spot that he stood to paint them in 1870 and 1871. Built in XCode.

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