20+ years' experience researching and writing blogs, pitch decks, marketing materials and magazine articles.
Subjects range from augmented reality, carbon footprints and deforestation to urban design, the art industry and aquaculture. I've even climbed to the cab of the highest crane in China to interview the driver.
Below are links to some recent writing.

2022 Trends

SEO Writer

SEO content writer for Embarque & Copify agencies. Consistently rated 5/5 for whitepapers, blogs, landing pages, product descriptions and more.

Client feedback:

  • "Brilliant content, up to date and well referenced! No nonsense. Great work!" (product blog)
  • "Extremely well written, thank you very much for doing such a great job with a tricky subject!"  (instructional guides)
  • "excellent research" (tech blog)
  • "great informative article. keep up the good work" (automotive industry blog)
  • "Fantastic work Jonathan, this is very much appreciated!" (construction industry website)

2022 Trends

Tech in 2022

Writing for design agency, Den Creative, on tech developments expected in 2022.
#augmented reality #blockchain #carboncredits #IOT #5G

the Carbon Maze

Carbon Footprints

Writing for trade body, Experience UK, explaining the maze that is carbon footprints, carbon credits and related compliance for UK based SMEs.
#carbonfootprint #compliance #carboncredits #SME

Omnichannel selling

Omnichannel Selling

Writing for management consultancy firm, Elixirr, on the circular nature of the journey to omnichannel selling, depending on whether your starting point is bricks and mortar or an online native brand.
#ecommerce #retail #omnichannel #brands


Mapping Rainforest Loss

Writing for Eco Action Families blog about understanding the scale of global deforestation using my web app that maps this global issue to your local area.
#blog #deforestation #rainforest #web3.0

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